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– Co-Founder.

Together with Laura Santucci, Rêveur was founded as an event series at the legendary Roxy Club in Cologne combining disco and funk parties with art exhibitions and live concerts. Rêveur is french and can be translated as “dreamer”, which describes a glimmering vibe that can be seen throughout the brand. From the self-designed decoration, the exquisite choice of artists and musicians and the love for detail.

It was important to the two founders to create a place where people could come together, express themselves and consume art in an unbiased atmosphere. On the other hand, they wanted to offer a stage for the most diverse artists and musicians to present their art to a broad audience. For this purpose they invited not only regional but also international artists, e.g. from Paris and Naples. The brand’s focus was the presentation of the artists, whereby each artist was photographed analog by the creative duo and presented prior to the event. A photo of the Parisian band Oracle Sisters was published in the Parisian Vogue.

A multidisciplinary approach was used to design the brand. It was important for the two founders to create as much as possible with tangible materials and to digitalize the designs for further processing. Afterwards, the logo and posters were again edited by hand by sprinkling each object with golden glitter. 

IG: reveur_cgn

Photo credits: Laura Santucci

Example of artist presentation: Oracle Sisters

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