Alina Cherubin (b.1993, Bielefeld) is a German photographer based in Berlin. Her artistic journey began in 2018, when she discovered her passion for photography while documenting her solo travels using her father’s old camera, prompting her to pursue her artistic dreams despite a business background. In 2019, she co-founded Rêveur, an event series combining music and art. Working as a photographer full-time since 2022, the artist has created various fashion editorials for magazines, collaborated with fashion brands, and captured many artists and musicians.

Alina’s distinctive approach to photography is defined by her unwavering commitment to film. This deliberate choice embodies her reverence for the thoughtful shooting process, the profound connection she forges with her subjects and her embrace of the unpredictability it brings to her images. Her work focuses on capturing emotions, nostalgia, and femininity. Finding beauty in everyday life, she aims to show how everyday objects and feelings can transform into extraordinary visions.

Currently, the photographer is working on her first photo book; touch me, a series of intimate portraits taken during her travels and different encounters. Set within the intimate confines of her subjects’ homes, these photographs reflect the contemporary landscape of youth culture and femininity. Alina Cherubin aims to finalize her book in 2024, with plans for related exhibitions.