Fil Bo Riva-7

Styling & BTS photography for the music video of Fil Bo Riva´s song „Solo“

Credits (video):

Director: Arnaud Ele @arnaud.ele

Creative Director: Matthias Klein @co_magick

Art Director: Laura Knoops @knoops

DOP: Justinas Milius Miliauskas @justasmilius

Creative Production: Lois Christmann @loischristmann

Production Assistant: Robin Schmitt

Editing: Eleknoops @eleknoops

Color grading: Alice Prudhomme @alice_prudhomme

Set Design: Alexandra Christmann

MUAH: Pauline Buhro @muapaulinebuhro

Stylist: Alina Cherubin @alina__cherub

Costume: wild Berlin @wild_berlin_61

Graphic design: Laura Knoops @knoops

Written and composed by: Filippo Bonamici @filboriva

Produced by: Filippo Bonamici and Robert Stephenson @rob_steph

Mixed and Mastered by: Moritz Enders

Label: Humming Records @hummingrecords

Credits (photo):

Photographer: Arnaud Ele @arnaud.ele @eleknoops

Creative Director: Matthias Klein @co_magick

Art Director & Graphics: Laura Knoops @knoops

Making-of: Alina Cherubin @alina__cherub