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A Sense of Freedom

Editorial for Italian Fashion Magazine Spaghetti Mag


Concept & Styling: Filomena Ianniciello

Photography: Alina Cherubin

Hair & Make-Up: Florina Vyas

Model: Joe Bresan


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How will posterity believe that there has been a time when without the lightnings of heaven or the fires of earth, without wars or other visible slaughter, not this or that part of the earth, but well-nigh the whole globe, has remained without inhabitants. When has any such thing been even heard or seen; in what annals has it ever been read that houses were left vacant, cities deserted, the country neglected, the fields too small for the dead and a fearful and universal solitude over the whole earth?

Oh happy people of the future, who have not known these miseries and perchance will class our testimony with the fables.