Anekdot is a woman-lead sustainable lingerie and swimwear brand based in Berlin. Goal of this project was to create an engaging editorial to showcase the newest creations of the brand. It should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also tell an authentic story and therefore create added value for the brand. 

To implement this we have worked with Elisabeth Schubert, mask maker and scenographer of the theatre collective Compania Sincara in Leipzig. Her masks are not simply accessories but form holistic imaginary characters when worn on stage. In this project we integrated the daily routines and creative process of Elisabeth. 

To capture this and showcase the lingerie in the best possible way we decided to combine analog photography with videography that serve for the website and social media.

‘Masks liberate their wearers from their own self, transforming them into imaginative characters.’ 

– Elisabeth

Team Credits:

Produced by Lucky 7 Studio

Direction & Photography: Alina Cherubin

Direction & Videography: Lea Simon

Portrayed Artist: Elisabeth Schubert

Hair & Make-Up: Rafa Delgado

Photography Assistant: Isabel Spantzel