Fashion editorial for Nasty Magazine.


Art Direction: Isabella Rudzki & Alina Cherubin

Photography: Alina Cherubin

Styling: Isabella Rudzki

Model: Mar Castañedo

It was dark, pitch black, when it first sensed something. The creature could perceive noises that sounded shrill in its ears. Unfamiliar sounds, loud and disturbing. When the light appeared, the noises became so uncomfortable that it forced the creature to the surface. It came up with a start, gasping for air it didn’t know it had. Its lungs filled for the first time with this air that felt heavy and dirty. It felt water flow out, its lungs dry and fill with small particles. It dragged itself out of the water and lay down on the adjacent meadow to dry itself further. Hot rays of sun burned, it sought shade. It found a patch of green in which to wallow. All parts of its body moved in different directions, reacting to new circumstances. Unfamiliar feelings and confusion spread, but the Garden of Eden in which it found itself quickly gave the creature new strength. Nature gave it confidence. The sun gave it strength.

It was curious. It wanted to know what was hidden behind the Garden of Eden, so it went in search of it at the next sunrise. It followed its senses, which still seemed connected to the world from which it came. Invisible threads guided it in new directions. The creature was startled when it saw what was beyond the garden. Dust-dry air snaked into its still damp lungs. The hot rays of the sun burnt its hair jet black. It sang the songs of its mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother out of desperation. External destruction destroyed it internally. It had come too late. It had  acome to realize that there was nothing more it could do. Only to say goodbye.

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