Fashion editorial for Nasty Magazine.

Génesis is a fashion editorial project born from a creative collaboration with fashion designer Isabella Rudzki and our muse, Mar, in Mexico. Together, we developed a concept inspired by the book of Genesis, blending themes of creation with the supernatural and the inexplicable. The narrative begins with a creature emerging from the water, experiencing the surface world for the first time. As it gasps for air, it discovers the lush Garden of Eden, a verdant paradise. Unsatisfied with just this, it ventures beyond the garden to explore further, only to encounter a world ravaged by human hands—burned, depleted, and desolate. Overwhelmed by the sight of such destruction, the creature, in its sorrow and anger, sings a lament to its ancestors.

Art Direction: Isabella Rudzki & Alina Cherubin

Photography: Alina Cherubin

Styling: Isabella Rudzki

Model: Mar Castañedo