Fashion editorial for Cake Magazine.


Art Direction: Isabella Rudzki & Alina Cherubin

Photography: Alina Cherubin

Styling: Isabella Rudzki

Model: Isabella Rudzki

Assistance: Kim Hassemeier

A bloody hot summer evening. Full of longing she wraps herself around the warming statue; dreams of him, of her, of both of them. Her shadow always behind her, still unthreatening, gentle. Her body strives through the dry grass. Her appearance – static, stable, steady.

A dip into the cool wet. The heat hisses loudly from her. Longing turns to desire; black turns to red, white turns to black. Vertigo.

Her shadow pursues her. Instinctively, she dances with the similitude of the clouds, of herself. At the end she wonders, was it really a dream or the heat that rushed to her head?