The Gentle Wine is an innovative beverage brand that breaks traditional wine industry standards by reducing the alcohol to 6%. The result is a light, yet tasteful product that pairs perfectly with food without numbing the taste of the dishes through the alcohol. To leverage those values,  the product was placed on fragile foods. While the usual wine would crush those edibles instantly, the Gentle Wine gently rests on them.

Additionally, potential consumers were invited to discover the wine and its advantages. In honest interviews big emotions, small outtakes and spontaneous laughs were captured and transformed to social media reels.

Next to the content production, I have taken care of the brands Instagram channel for a period of three months. This included content planning, content creation, posting and community management.


Produced by Lucky 7 Studio.

Photography, Videography & Direction: Alina Cherubin

Concept: Lea Simon & Alina Cherubin

Set Design: Nela Mi Cara

Assistance: Vincenzo Stallone